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Stamp collecting

There is a childhood period in which many discover the pleasure of collecting something. Mostly these are small value items that are usually discarded: empty packs of cigarettes, matchboxes, metal caps from drink bottles, „surprise” images from chewing gum packs, shells. In happiest cases, collector passion is directed to things whose appreciation increases with age, and in this category are books, magazines, postcards and post stamps. In our case the meeting with the postage stamps was „love at first sight”.

Our father was the one who gave us the impetus to collect stamps, by buying us a small stamp album and the first envelope with stamps. At that time it was not expensive, an envelope with 30 - 40 stamped stamps was costing about 4-5 lei, that is, a little more than an ice-cream. In our curiosity we found out in the small rectangles of jagged paper a fascinating and instructive universe. This was the first time we saw Laika, the female dog that was sent to the cosmos, and met Mr. Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the phone. Completing stamp series by exchanging with other children was passionate, and sometimes it took all the power of persuasion to get what you wanted. Only the exchanges of the doubles were easy...

After a few years we came to have a pretty good collection of Romanian postage stamps. Unfortunately, in the desire to have some large and colorful Arabian series, we left ourselves seduced by some „old foxes” philatelists. We gave at 8:1 parity many Romanian stamps hardly gained through exchanges, against some series that in the world of professional philatelists could be bought in foil. It was only later that we realized that our satisfaction was not simply the possession of complete series, but the joy of watching and completing the series over the time.

We gave up this hobby since the high school time, but we kept our modest collection of stamps as a pricey thing. The real gain we had in collecting postage stamps were the skills it develops: memory, aesthetic sense, orderly nature, attention to detail, and respect for the small things.

An image speaks more than a thousand words, so we scanned some of the stamps to be seen here on the website. You can view the stamps series by performing the desired selection, using the controls below. The selection criteria (Origin country, Subject, Issue year) are cumulative, and at least one selection box must be ticked to get results. Stamps that meet the requirements will be displayed in a new page.

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